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We offer excellent quality hay, haylage, straw and wood shavings in most bale sizes. All at competitive prices and with guaranteed quality. We are able to store all products on our farm year round.


To meet your requirements if you are looking for a particular bale size or type of hay, straw, haylage or wood shavings please get in touch and we will find, source or produce it for you.


Some types we offer include:


  • Rye Hay

  • Timothy Hay

  • Meadow Hay

  • Lucerne / Alfa alfa

  • Haylage - All grades from race horse to hill ponies

  • Wheat and Barley straw

  • Wood shavings - various types and brands

  • Chopped and dust extracted rape straw bedding by Bliss Bedding


We have a range of different bale sizes available im most products:


  • Conventional / Small bales

  • Round bales

  • Big square / Hesston bales.


Collection or Delivery


We have large quanities onsite year round ready for collection, alternativley we are happy to deliver to you whether you have one horse or a large stable / stud yard.


With every effort made to meet your requirements, we offer a friendly, customer focused, fast and reliable delivery service throughout the UK. 

meaning we can deliver excellent value for money.


We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and all our drivers are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely reliable.


We are third generation farmers at our farm in the peak district. We farm over 350 acres. The Gill family have been selling hay, haylage straw and wood shavings for over 40 years.


We have developed ongoing loyal working relationships with many customers and suppliers both local regionally and nationally over this time.


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